Amsterdam Airport Taxi Transfer to City Centre

Amsterdam Airport Taxi Transfer to City Centre

Travel time: 20-30 minutes (off-peak hours) to approximately 1 hour (rush hour)
Price: usually € 40-60 one way, depending on exact destination and traffic
Availability: 24/7

Taxi from Amsterdam Airport to City Centre – Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for travelers with a lot of (heavy) luggage
  • Convenient
  • Directly to your final destination
  • Available 24/7 
  • Costly when compared to international standards 
  • No fixed prices 
  • Wait times during rush hours and in special circumstances (bad weather, events, problems with public transportation)

4 Types of Taxis from Amsterdam Airport to the City:

1. pre-ordered private transfers
2. official airport taxis
3. ride-hailing platforms (Uber & Bolt)
4. other taxis (not recommended)

1. Pre-ordered Private Transfer

A pre-ordered private transfer has two advantages over a regular taxi:
a) it has a fixed price, so no unexpected surprises;
b) no waiting time.
See the separate section on private transfers for more details and for arranging your comfortable personal transfer at a fixed rate.

Private Transfer Amsterdam Airport to City

Price: € 40 – 60


  • One way Amsterdam Airport to City
  • Excellent reviews
  • English speaking driver
  • Flight monitoring in case of delay 
  • Assistence with your luggage
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Trustworthy Taxis from the Airport’s Official Taxi Stand

The Dutch taxi market is generally characterized by high rates and varying service quality. At the airport, there’s money to be made for taxi services. This attracts high-quality transportation companies, but unfortunately also some less reputable drivers who don’t strictly adhere to the rules and the customer’s best interests.

To protect airport travelers and to ensure quality service, Schiphol has issued licenses to a limited number of transportation companies. These taxis are only found at the “Official Taxi Stand”. You’ll come across this stand if you follow the yellow “Taxi” signs at the airport and walk straight out of Schiphol Plaza.

Taxis are available 24/7, but the supply can vary. It can get very busy, especially during rush hours and large events like major conferences, resulting in wait times. Several times a year, it can be extremely challenging to find a taxi. This is particularly the case during extreme weather conditions or issues (maintenance or disruptions) with public transportation to and from the airport.

Regular taxis in the Netherlands always have blue license plates and a rooftop sign displaying their company name and taxi license number. These rules apply to all taxis:

  • their rates and permit should be clearly visible;
  • they are not allowed to refuse short rides;
  • costs should be visible in real-time on the meter;
  • there are maximum starting rates, per kilometer rates, and per-minute rates;
  • at the end of the ride, you are entitled to a detailed receipt.

Eco-Friendly Electric Taxis

You are never obligated to take the first taxi in line. Instead, you can choose one yourself. This gives you the opportunity to select an electric taxi. Many official airport taxis are electric, including comfortable and stylish Tesla cars.

3. Uber or Bolt

You can also arrange your transfer using alternative taxi services, such as Uber or Bolt. Lyft is not active in the Netherlands. The advantage here is that you know the cost in advance.

There is a designated area for these services: the “App Pick-up Point“. To reach it, walk out of Schiphol Plaza, keep right toward the Hotel Shuttles, and then cross a few bus platforms at the zebra crossing.

A good time to order your Uber or Bolt is once you’ve passed through customs. From there, it’s just a short walk to the “App Pick-up Point.” However, make sure to check in advance whether you’ll meet your driver there, or at a different location.

4. Warning for Other (Non-Airport) Taxis

Apart from the official airport taxis, other legal and illegal taxis may be trying to secure a lucrative ride at the airport. You can never be sure if they are well-intentioned drivers or part of a scam. Therefore, never engage with individuals offering taxi services in Schiphol Plaza or outside, and do not take a taxi from any place other than the Official Taxi Stand. Even if they appear professional, entice you with a favorable offer, or carry an official-looking sign with “Taxi” on it. Ignoring this advice so may lead to overpaying significantly for your taxi ride to Amsterdam.

Taxi Amsterdam Airport to City Official Taxi Stand

Official Taxi Stand

Airport Amsterdam App Pick-up Point

App Pick-up Point