Amsterdam Airport Shuttle Bus

Amsterdam Airport Shuttle Buses

The number of hotels served by an airport shuttle is very limited. They primarily include large international chain hotels located at the airport itself or in close proximity. And there’s also the Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark, which is somewhat nearer to the city center. If you stay in one of these hotels, the use of the shuttle bus is typically included in your stay.

Some hotels operate their own dedicated shuttle service, while others share a bus. You can find all shuttle services outside Schiphol Plaza, all the way to the right hand side of the bus station (A9-13). Just follow the yellow “Hotel Shuttles” signs to get there.

In the recent past, a lot of Amsterdam city center hotels were also accessible via a shared shuttle service, but this Connexxion Shuttle Bus no longer exists

Hotel Shuttle Stop Amsterdam Airport

Shuttle Bus Platform A9-13

Hotel Shuttle Stop Amsterdam Airport

Hotel Shuttle Bus Stop Amsterdam Airport